Financial Planning Services for Families

Becoming a Parent

  Develop a plan for your goals and your timeframe.

✓  Set a budget prior to having a family or if you’re off work with a family.

✓  Develop an investment strategy for long term goals like private education.

✓  Review, recommend and arrange appropriate insurances.

✓  Recommend superannuation strategies to help you continue saving for retirement.

✓  Recommend if you need a Will or need to review your Will.

✓  Advise you when you need to see an accountant or solicitor.


Educating the Kids

✓  Develop a plan based on your goals, situation and timeframe (eg how much it is likely to cost to educate your child or upgrade your house).

✓  Set an investment and budget management strategy to accumulate money for your goals.
Review, recommend and organise appropriate insurance.

✓  Recommend superannuation strategies to ensure you’re still saving for retirement and minimise the total tax you are paying right now.

✓  Recommend if you need a Will or need to review your Will with a solicitor.


Getting Married

✓  Review and help you set goals and timeframes.

✓  Review and analyse your joint income and spending patterns.

✓  Review financial commitments and debts.

✓  Review your individual and joint investments.

✓  Identify opportunities to save money.

✓  Recommend savings or investment products to achieve your goals.

✓  Review, recommend and arrange appropriate insurance.

✓  Identify if you need to talk to a solicitor about a new Will.


Getting Divorced

✓  Review your financial situation after your divorce settlement.

✓  Help you set new financial goals.

✓  Identify your income and financial commitments.

✓  Develop a new budget and plan to achieve your new goals.

✓  Review, recommend and organise appropriate insurance for you and any dependents.

✓  Review your superannuation and retirement savings.

✓  Recommend ‘catch up’ strategies for retirement savings if you need it.

✓  Review your finances to see if you are entitled to any social security benefits.

✓  Recommend if you need to meet with a solicitor to create or update a Will.

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