Financial Freedom & Investment Advice


A Sudden Windfall

✓  Review and help you set goals and a realistic timeframe.

✓  Identify your options if the windfall is cash and advise of tax considerations if the windfall is not cash.

✓  Recommend a selection of investment options.

✓  Advise you when you need to see an accountant or solicitor.


First Home

✓  Work out how much you can borrow based on current financial commitments.

✓  Calculate the deposit you are likely to need.
Identify options to save for a deposit in the time-frame you set.

✓  Set a budget to cover your mortgage commitments when you have purchased your property.

✓  Review, recommend and organize appropriate insurances.

✓  Recommend if you need to create or review your Will.


Taking a Redundancy

✓  Review your payout calculation.

✓  Identify the tax concession components and the tax-free or tax reduced amounts – the Eligible Termination Payment components. Review your goals and identify options for how to use the money.

✓  Calculate how much you can rollover into superannuation to minimise the total tax you pay.

✓  Review any insurance you have through superannuation and advise if you can continue insurance cover even though you’ve left the fund.

✓  Estimate how long you can live on your payout based on current expenditure and plans.

✓  Establish a budget to live on your payout and any other income.

✓  Develop options to achieve a life change in the time-frame you want.



✓  Review and help you set specific goals and a target timeframe to achieve them.

✓  Look at how much you’ll need and factor in inflation for long-term goals.

✓  Review and analyse your spending patterns.

✓  Review your financial commitments and debts.

✓  Identify your opportunities to save money.

✓  Recommend savings or investment products to achieve your goal.

✓  Review, recommend and organise appropriate insurance to protect your existing assets and your financial situation.


Future Provision

✓  As part of a good, comprehensive financial plan, we generally recommend that you establish a Will to express your wishes for what happens to your assets after you die.

✓  If you have a Will we will usually recommend you review it regularly to keep it up-to-date with your circumstances. We can’t advise you on inheritance laws or write the Will for you. However, we can advise the social security benefits that could benefit your family after you die.

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